The Face Shop Kakao Friends Dual Concealer

In Korea, 93% of those who own a smartphone use the messaging system ‘Kakaotalk’. Over wifi and data plans, users can share messages, make free calls, and do a whole host of things, even including online shopping and gaming. One of Kakao’s signature features is its cute bunch of emoticons and characters, which are EVERYWHERE here in Korea. Line/Kakao friends are on pencil cases, keyrings, t-shirts, mouse pads, air fresheners, pants, socks…you name it, it probably has a cute looking Kakao character on it.


Aren’t they cute? Everyone here certainly thinks so. They’re as big as Minnie and Mickey mouse here – all my 6th graders know their names despite the fact I’m pretty sure half of them aren’t allowed to use the messaging platform itself.

After the popularity of Missha’s Line Friends range, which used the characters from the Line messaging platform (also a huge deal in Korea), the Face Shop could be sure that the release of their Kakaotalk friends range would be a success. They released the range early on this year, and have recently extended it thanks to the fact that these products fly off the shelves. Below are pictures of their older release, and the new collection additions, debuted in May 2016. Products in the original collection include sun cream, hand cream, eyeshadow sets, lip tint, perfume, and sheet masks. The new collection branched out by a mile, and there are now face cushion cases, a body cushion, the successful chia seed cream redesigned, bronzing lotion, and deodorant.



I’m almost convinced that beauty products which look cute and have adorable packaging are not the best of the best, but I’m an absolute sucker for anything cuddly-looking and cartoony. It brightens up my make up bag and my day! I couldn’t wait to try some of this collection, but there wasn’t anything I really needed – I know that I will be able to test some of the creams and more skincare-related products when I run out of those in my current routine. However, the make-up is another story. Instead of going too crazy, I decided to control myself and only buy one product, to see how it performed and if the range was a dud or not. I chose to buy the Dual Veil Concealer, as I had had some funky breakouts at the time of buying.

The Dual Veil Concealer comes in two sections. It has a liquid concealer part, and a concealer stick. You apply the liquid concealer to larger areas (think under eyes in order to brighten), and the stick to imperfections and blemishes. It currently comes in four shades, shown below. I believe more have been released in the new collection, but I haven’t seen them yet.


I have light, pink-tinged skin, so went for the V107 Ivory Beige, which is the lightest colour. As to be expected in Korea, most of the shades are on the lighter side. The Face Shop has a larger global presence, so I do hope that they extend the range and include some darker concealers in there at some point. It’s not only pale people that like cute stuff!

When using this concealer, I first apply my primer base and BB cream, then get to work with the liquid section. I put a small dab under my eyes and sweep it underneath them, blending with my finger. I use the stick part on my forehead at times, as I find it has more of a matte finish and my forehead can feel pretty shiny in the mornings after applying umpteen ampoules to it. The moisture cream concealer is a lighter colour than the stick, so it brightens the skin under my eyes and really enhances them. You can go over the cream with the stick in order to set it further, if you wish. This way your coverage lasts longer. It works well with finishing powder, too – this is usually my next step in my make-up routine.

This concealer truly is a magic wand. From my first use of it, I was totally in love. I’ve used a fair amount of concealer over the years (goodbye, pimple-riddled youth and fringe-inducing breakouts), and this has to be one of the best. It’s so simple and is quick to apply – you can choose what kind of coverage you want, and as one is lighter both in shade and texture, it means any kind of blemish or imperfection can be dealt wish as you please. Sometimes we need more, sometimes less – skin’s like that! The concealer lasts a long time on your face, and don’t cake up or look obvious on the skin. The product is lightweight and doesn’t feel heavy under the eyes, which I find especially important with my make-up. Whilst I like wearing it, I don’t want to feel it on my face all day long. It doesn’t crease and it blends really well with my BB cream colour. Below are some before and after shots, with an under eye application using the liquid concealer, and coverage on the chin using the stick.

The price is 11,000won, which is inexpensive at roughly €8.30/£6.50/$9.50. Considering you’re getting two concealers here rather than just one, I’m impressed with the price. I would definitely buy this concealer again. Here’s a list of the pros and cons so you can see why:


  • Covers evenly and blends into skin well
  • Easy to use and two concealers means it’s perfect for every occasion
  • Brightens the under eye area
  • Lasts long into the day
  • Covers blemishes effectively and naturally
  • Feels light on the skin
  • It’s pretty damn cute


  • The liquid concealer seems to run out quickly
  • It’s sometimes hard to get the right amount of liquid concealer on the stick

Considering there are only two cons, I’d say that it was a great product. I love it so much that I sometimes only wear this rather than covering my face with BB cream, on days where I don’t feel so make-up friendly. It earns a perfect score of:


I really do love it, and so does my skin (as do my spots, when they rear their ugly little heads). Thanks to this concealer, I’m definitely open to trying more of The Face Shop’s Kakao range. Watch this space!

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