The Face Shop Disney Collection

Korea is at it again. Making irresistibly cute make-up products that I can’t seem to stop myself from buying. It feels like a new range is released every other week, and I’m pretty sure I’ve got enough cushion cases as it is, but one more can’t hurt, right? This time, it was The Face Shop’s turn, with their The Face Shop x Disney collection. They already had enough going for them as it was with the Kakao Friends collection, but they know us all too well – if it looks cute, we’ll fall for it – hook, line, and sinker.

I stumbled across the fact they were going to release a Disney collection quite by chance. The Face Shop made a few posts on their Instagram about it, but hardly a thing was said on their website. No run up, no coming soon, nada. I do believe the collection is only going to be available throughout the month of July, and will just be sold in Korea. Now’s the chance if you can take it!

To check out the range, I headed to a Face Shop in Myeongdong, the beauty district in Seoul. As it was a friend’s birthday weekend, we got to shop until we just about dropped, taking in the free samples and enjoying the Seoul sunshine. I’m just going to warn you ahead: it was pretty difficult for me to get pictures as the shops were so full, and the layout of the Disney products around the store seemed to be ‘put them as far apart from each other as is humanely possible’. My camera was also having a bit of a tantrum and decided not to take fabulous pictures, but hopefully they will be of some use.

The full collection released consists of:

Cushion cases (Mickey, Mike from Monsters Inc., and Pooh Bear) – 20,000 won (€15.75/$17.40/13.45GBP)

Mickey watery tint for lips (6 colours)  – 4,500 won (€3.50/$3.90/3GBP)

Mickey lip cream (5 colours) – 13,000 won (€10.20/$11.30/8.75GBP)

Mickey tinted lip balm (2 colours) – 7,000 won (€5.50/$6.10/4.70GBP)

Minnie Mouse/Mickey Mouse kids’ sun screen cushion – 19,000 won (€15.10/$16.70/12.65GBP)

Eyeshadow palettes (Mike, Pooh, and Mickey, who also has lip tints in his palette) – 18,000 won (€14.15/$15.65/12.10GBP)

Mickey sparkle eyeshadow pencil – 6,000 won (€4.75/$7.90/4GBP)

Mickey mascara and eyeliner – set 21,000 won (€16.50/$18.30/14.10GBP)

It’s a fairly lip-heavy collection and I’m of the opinion that I only need one or two lip tints at a time, so I only treated myself to one of the gel tints. Since writing my original post, the eyeliner and mascara were released, and I purchased a set to try out, as they were on offer at 9,000 won. What is available seems to vary from shop to shop (the cushions are selling like hot cakes), but there are places online you can find some of the collection too, such as StyleKorean, or YesStyle. Prices will vary too.

Below is a picture of the complete collection, thanks to Ecom Beauty. (EDIT: More products have since been released. I have a review of some here)

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 20.47.08

Aren’t they adorable?  The mascara and the sun cushions don’t feature in this picture, but the mascara is pictured here along with the lip balm and watery tint:

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 20.47.47

Let’s look at the products in a little more detail. First things first – the things that I actually bought. Because they were cheap, I bought one of the Mickey watery tints, in shade 05 – a deep, dark red. I also got a Mike eyeshadow palette, because they reduced the palettes to 9,000 won in their recent sale, and who is going to pass up such an opportunity? I’ve also gone into The Face Shop almost every day to ogle the cushion cases, but as I can’t justify getting myself another one quite yet, I’ve managed to stay away from it. Here are the products I bought:


Inside of the palette and swatching, in the same order as the palette from L-R. I have also posted pictures of the Pooh/Mickey palettes, but didn’t get to swatch them:




The Mickey palette is the most aesthetically pleasing, but I went for Mike as the palette had shimmer and solid colour, and offered a wider range of shades.

I’ve worn the eyeshadow a few times now, both in the darker colours and in the sparklier ones. Their staying power is really good. They last a long time and the shimmer stays on, rather than just glitter particles, which always annoys me when make-up rubs off. When I swatched, the dark browns were very stubborn and refused to be removed with water alone, unlike the lighter colours. I had to use cleanser with them. There was also no residual glitter after washing off the lighter colours with only water, which I like, as I hate sparkling long after I’ve washed my face. There is a time and a place for it.


Here’s the watery tint. I love the packaging for it…it’s so cute! I’ve also worn this a fair few times now – the ultimate tests being a night on the tiles and enjoying a meal. On my night out, I only re-applied once, and I probably needn’t have done so. The colour lasted long into the night and my lips were blood-red for the duration. They took a long time to get fully clean, even after scrubbing away. You can apply the product and wait for it to dry a little, then rub it away a little if you only want the tint. If you want a stronger colour with this one, you can simply leave it be, as I do. When enjoying a meal, they did get slightly lighter and only the tint was left behind. However, as this is a ‘tint’ product, I feel that it rubbing away slightly is not an issue. It’s not supposed to be a lipstick.


I’m very pleased with the two products I bought. I’d highly recommend the watery tint. It holds well and the colours it comes in are really nice. They’re also a very reasonable price for a long-lasting tint. At full price, I probably wouldn’t buy the palette, but that’s just because I don’t wear much eyeshadow. If you do wear eyeshadow, the Disney palettes also come in a decent range of colours, and are long-lasting, without leaving behind irritating glitter pieces or shimmers even after cleansing.

Below is a swatch of the watery tints, but it’s not too good as my Samsung phone camera is awful (I forgot my normal camera). Mine is 2nd from the top. The lightest is at the bottom (01), followed by the next lightest/orangey toned in the middle (02), and the remaining two are very similar in colour – (03 + 04). There are 6 colours, but one was not available to me in the store (06).


Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 22.00.31

Now, on to the products I didn’t buy. I’m still mulling over the cushion case, but mostly because of the design. I swatched the cases in the shop. They are different for each character.

Mickey is a ‘BB Power Perfection Cushion’, coming in three shades: V103, V201, and V203. I was only able to swatch it in V103 and V201. The BB Power Perfection is designed to make your skin glow and shine, moisturise, and give you that ‘silky skin’ look. It contains  niacinamide, as do many cushions nowadays. It boosts your skin’s elasticity and is effective as an anti-aging product. All the cushions provide sun protection, too.

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 21.27.53

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 21.30.00

Here are the swatches I took in the shop. As you can see, it was quite hard for me to get a good photo. The point of the BB Perfection case is to create shine, which is does pretty well. This makes it difficult to take a good, clear photo of the product. It certainly gave my skin a certain brilliance. I’m not sure this product is for me. It might be good for those with duller skin, or during the winter months, when there is less humidity in the air and you would like to have a more moisturised look.

Next up is Pooh. He’s a ‘Cooling CC Cushion’. I only was able to swatch one colour in the shop: not all shops in Korea stock all the colours, and they’re also selling out relatively quickly in many. The CC Cushion contains ‘70% moisturising ingredients’, and is designed for hotter weather, as it has a cooling effect when applying. It certainly felt so when dabbing it onto my arm, but nothing extra special. It has an SPF of 47+. Again, this was very hard to take a photo of. The V103 is VERY light and didn’t show up well on my skin. It is also not a thick cream like the BB, so had very little staying power. Of the three products, this one was the one I liked the least in terms of actual colour, durability, and functionality.

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 21.42.21


See what I mean? It’s barely visible! I’d like to try with a darker colour to see if it fares any better. It was also gone within 20 minutes of application.

Lastly, it’s Mike. I think this is my favourite case, just because it’s cute but it’s a little different. There are so many Mickey Mouse products here I’ve become slightly immune to his charms. Mike is a CC as well – a ‘CC Long Lasting Cushion’. They are not wrong. It’s still on my hand, 5 hours later. Admittedly it’s much duller, but that’s very good, considering my hands are much more active than my face is! It also comes in the same three colours, and has SPF50+. I could only try V103 and V203, the lighter of the two being on the left in the pictures. (EDIT: I now own the Mike CC Cushion! To see more about it and the coverage, look here)

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 21.50.34


And 2hrs later:


The staying power is great! I’d be most tempted to buy this cushion (I have now XD), seeing as it does what it says on the, er, case and is my favourite visually.

Cut to a week later and the eyeliner and mascara have now been released. I bought the set in black, as it was on offer and while I didn’t need a new eyeliner I thought people might like to see how it performed.

The eyeliner is a hard crayon style one, and be warned: it is super long lasting! This is great, of course, but if you make a mistake when you apply it’s really hard to correct, and cleansing requires a little more effort at the end of the day. It’s good that it lasts so long, and I’m very impressed with its staying power. I normally go for gel eyeliners so this is my first experience with a crayon style one. I have to say, I like it. It’s a little harder for me to apply but it goes on easily and is of course much better for those who wish to apply their eyeliner to their lower lid.

The mascara seems to be a standard mascara – it’s nothing too special, although I will note that it doesn’t clump and feels very light on the eyelashes. Many mascaras clog up and generally don’t feel good on my eyelashes so I tend to avoid them. This darkens my light eyelashes and lasts well. It would be good for day-to-day wear. At night or for special occasions you might want more of the ‘wow’ lash factor, which this doesn’t really give. Below I’ve posted some pictures of the packaging and products, with the eyeliner swatching and some attempt at cleaning it off, to show you how stubborn it really is!

This picture was taken after applying cleanser and scrubbing with a konjac sponge. This stuff isn’t going anywhere with regular cleanser! I use Sephora’s eye makeup remover and that seems to do the trick. You would definitely have to use an eye makeup remover rather than regular cleanser.

Overall, the collection seems to be decent enough, considering it’s The Face Shop, and none of their products seem particularly magical to me. They’re middle of the road, affordable products, with nice packaging and seem to perform well enough for what you’re paying. The star of the group is the watery tint for me – if you want just a little Disney in your make-up collection, I’d go for that one. It’s inexpensive and pretty, and I certainly got a lot of compliments when wearing it. Not too shabby, Face Shop x Disney! Below I’ve included some pictures of me wearing the mascara and eyeliner, so you can see the finished product.

This post is part of the AB See beauty blog link party. Click the picture to check out some other great make up posts and discover more about Asian Beauty!


12 thoughts on “The Face Shop Disney Collection

  1. Wow thank you so much for posting this up! I was wondering which cushion to get and ur post was such a great help! Decided on Mike because I don’t want the shiny finish that mickey gives :p
    You look really pretty in the 05 water tint!^^


    1. Thank you so much!
      It’s not a problem, I’m glad it was of use to you. The Mike cushion really does the best performance wise from what I can see, so I think you’ve made the best choice. I hope that you enjoy using it and that it works out for you.


  2. The packaging is so darn adorable! I’m definitely tempted to get a lip product. I just am not a fan of the colours. Same with the shades, they’re too light for my skintone as well =( I find The Face Shop products are just alright to me. But the cute packaging is making me consider buying something.


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