My Top 5 – Road Shop Sheetmasks

Sheetmasking is actually something that I had to really force myself to get into. In the evenings I find time steals itself away from me, and finding 30 minutes plus to sheetmask essentially means I’ll be getting less sleep time, so that’s a little offputting. I can’t sheetmask in the mornings as I have way too many things to do, and I don’t fancy waking up at 6am, so that’s out. I also find sheetmasking takes away from my tea drinking time, which is definitely a big deal – I never thought I’d have to schedule evening cuppas, but that’s what my life is like now (and my skin says thank you).

I did find the solution – I really am a person who likes to plan and thoroughly think things out, so to prevent midnight suddenly creeping up on me I decided to make a short bullet list of the things I have to do every evening. It makes me focus, ensures I have less procrastination time, and best of all means I get to concentrate more on my skincare routine. It is important to me to practise self-care, mentally organise myself, and accomplish the little daily goals I set for myself in order to have a positive mindset. Tea-wise, I found the solution in that I now use CosRX’s BHA Skin Returning Emulsion (praise thee, CosRX Lord), and that needs at least 30 minutes on my skin before I can continue with my routine. That’s two teas if I’m lucky!

Anyway, you didn’t come here to find out about my tea habits. You came here to peruse some decent Sheetmask N’ Chill options. Now, as I sheetmask every day, I’ve tried a fair few in my time, but in this post I’m only going to be looking at sheet masks from Korean road shops (brands such as Etude House, The Face Shop etc). My favourite masks are from Nature Republic, but I can’t include just them, so I’ve put together a list of five different masks which can be found on your average high street in Korea, and are inexpensive, so you won’t break the bank if you do wish to order them or go out and find them.


The Moisture Shot

Etude House – Moistfull Collagen Mask Sheet

I have tried a few things from the Moistfull Collagen line, and haven’t actually got along with them as much as I hoped to. Many people rave about this line, and are really pleased with it – I found that it just didn’t do anything at all for me. Zilch. At least it’s inexpensive. However, the masks are a different breed. They’ve recently been released again with the new Etude House x Dumbo designs, and it helps that now they’re super cute. I’ve only used them a couple of times, actually, but they’re really great masks.

Notable ingredients: Hydrolyzed Collagen, Baobab Water.

Hydrolyzed collagen helps to restore the skin, and can help dry/flaky skin, so if you’re a dry-skinned type this might be a good mask for you. Baobab water also moisturises, so this is a really good mask for a shot of hydration if you feel your skin needs it. The mask also has grapefruit extract which helps it smell really nice.

Why did I choose it? This mask made my skin feel really bouncy and hydrated. My skin felt plump and soft the next day, and of course directly after using. I really enjoyed the soft texture it gave my skin, and the soft texture of the mask itself! It is steeped in essence and does not dry out easily. If your skin is feeling tired or at all dry, this is a great one to use.

The Brightener(s)

Skinfood Yuja Water Whitening Ampoule Mask Sheet

Skinfood make pretty good masks – their ginseng one is also a notable one, but it doesn’t make it to the list because it doesn’t do anything extra special for my skin. Skinfood have a yuja water line too, which I haven’t tried, as I haven’t been too tempted by any of their other products. This is the line which interests me most, and after trying the mask with great results, it’d be the first one I’d look to use. I’ve found a few negative reviews about this one, but I LOVE it. It’s one I have returned to again and again.

Notable ingredients: Yuja water, yuja oil.

Kind of like a lemon orange hybrid, yujas have umpteen health benefits, and are a great source of vitamin C. When you’re feeling under the weather, drinking a cup of this citron tea will pick you right up. They have three times more vitamin C than lemons – and we all know vitamin C is a great ingredient in skincare thanks to its antioxidant, anti-aging properties. The yuja oil in this mask also makes it smell absolutely amazing. That lemony citrus whiff hits you as soon as you open the package, and it doesn’t smell synthetic or overpowering. It’s pleasant and good for your nostrils as well as your skin!

Why did I choose it? Immediate brightening effects. After wearing this mask for about 40 minutes (it doesn’t dry out quickly), my skin was liiiiit. I was actually surprised at this, as it was the first mask that ever gave me the feeling of instant brightening. Before this mask, I had been wondering if that was even a thing. And yes. Yes it is. If you’re looking for a nice radiant glow, this is the mask for you.

Tony Moly I’m Real Rice Mask Sheet (Clear Skin)

My other brightener on this list is part of Tony Moly’s I’m Real mask sheet line. I’ve never been blown away by Tony Moly’s masks – generally I find them to be a bit of a non-event. Tony Moly overall isn’t a brand I’ve got along with, but sometimes they hit the nail on the head, and they certainly did with this mask. Due to my Tony Moly aversion and bad experience with a few masks being a bad fit and a little itchy, I didn’t want to try this range. But at a Facemask N’ Chill session with my friend, she set the I’m Real Rice mask out as part of her collection, and I decided to give it a try. I was so happy with the results – I remember walking back from her flat just touching and stroking my face like a madwoman.

Notable ingredients: Rice Extract

Rice extract is a skin conditioner, which helps renew pigmentation (brightening). The brightening results last all evening and the next day (for me), too.

Why did I choose it? I really enjoyed the mask so went out and bought my own set. It’s my go to pick-me-up mask, as again it’s dripping in essence, so can be worn for a while, and I get instant gratification from peeling it off and seeing the results.

The Healing Hands

Innisfree It’s Real Aloe Squeeze Mask

Sometimes your skin feels sad too. Sometimes it has had too much sun exposure, or it’s reflecting on the fact that you’re tired and stressed. Sometimes it’s just that bloody time of the month (women only, of course). When my skin is feeling upset with me – I’m breaking out, or I’m getting bags under my eyes, or I feel I’ve had a hard day in the sun despite all the protection I put on, this mask is my friend. It’s one of the cheapest masks Innisfree carries, at 950 won, so it’s easy for me to just pop in and spend almost nothing on the caring auntie of sheet masks.

Notable ingredients: Aloe Leaf Juice, Orchid Extract.

You probably don’t need to know about aloe and its benefits – aloe is a wonderful ingredient, in skincare and helping your body heal. It’s soothing and moisturising, and in treating sunburn it’s especially effective due to the fact that it helps your skin heal much more quickly. It has natural antioxidant properties, and helps your skin retain moisture. Orchid extract also has antioxidant properties, and is often used in anti-aging products thanks to its ability to promote cell-regeneration.

Why did I choose it? It’s kind to skin – nothing too special but great for helping moisturise your tired skin after a hard day. I actually have a few masks that do this but I love the fit of Innisfree masks. They are really comfortable and cover my face well without bunching or creasing. The proportions are just right, which is really important when considering a repurchase. If you’re going to wear your mask for a while, you want to do it without material poking you in the eye or feeling itchy on your face.

Nature Republic Snail Solution Mask Sheet

This mask was first given to me as a sample when purchasing from Nature Republic. While shopping in Myeongdong, I also picked up a few when browsing, as they are given out at the door sometimes. Nature Republic wanted you to try this mask and then try out their more expensive hydrogel version – they don’t actually sell the sheet mask version in stores. It can, however, be found online in packs of 30 on Amazon, which is why I included it here. I found a huge pack in the duty free at Gimhae airport for only 18,000 won, so it CAN be yours if you want it. I know I really do. I love this snaily soaked sheet.

Notable ingredients: Snail Secretion Filtrate, Aloe Leaf Extract

Aloe was discussed above, so it’s no surprise why this mask is included in the healing section – it’s another helping hand ingredients list. The other special ingredient is the snail secretion filtrate. Snails have their praises sung all over the world of asian beauty online. Their secretion is a natural source of hyaluronic acid, which is naturally found in your skin and helps boost hydration. A natural moisturiser, snail secretion also boosts the production of collagen which can help repair damaged skin. Therefore, again it’s good for tired and worn out skin, and skin which has seen a bit too much sun.

Why did I choose it? Because it makes my skin feel so, SO GOOD! This is honestly one of my favourite ever masks. It’s so hydrating and pleasant to wear. It lasts a long time and my skin really loves the essence. If I’m breaking out this is the mask I choose, as it soothes any irritations and reduces redness.


So, those are my mask picks for Korean road shops. They’re cheap, but effective, have great fits, a lot of essence, and really give you the results you want from a sheet mask. What are your favourites? What would you include on this list, or take out? Let me know your top five – or top three. I’d love to try them out!





18 thoughts on “My Top 5 – Road Shop Sheetmasks

    1. I sheet mask every day, and really it depends on you and your skin type. I don’t think it’s harmful to do once or twice a day, but for some that’s overload on sensitive skin. Most people mask three times a week or so.


      1. Oh that often!? I will be on the look out for these bad boys !!! Also please check out my page on insta . I just started beauty blogging .@lipsticksnlogic I’m more into essential oils.


      2. I’ve followed you dear, always keen to help out other bloggers and especially if you’re just starting!

        Yes I mask that often but people really vary it. You could even just mask once a week. It’s up to you and your skin. I see bigger results from daily masking which is why I do it, but everyone’s skin varies!

        Liked by 1 person

  1. IG (Charul Samant) , going to be a regular . 😽😽😽😽 the product packaging is insane . Can I move in with you😩😩😩😩😩 ! We hardly get anything in India. They are sold at insanely marked up prices !


    1. Hey dear! I’m so glad you like it and I’ve got you down now! I love the packaging too, it is so hard to resist! I wish you the best of luck and I know how hard it is to get this stuff in some parts of the world so I hope it goes to a good home!


  2. I love a good Skinfood Everyday xxx sheetmask because of the solid material and the good hydratation they provide but my favorites are any My Scheming and My Beauty Diary mask for the fit and the tone of essence they cary 😊. Nice and instructive detailed post! Love! (IG @so_et_le_loup)


    1. It is sooooo good (the collagen one)! I love it! The Nature Republic is a sample one but they sell big packs of 30 on Amazon somewhere, I have some in my giveaway because they are my absolute FAVE. I would build a shrine for them if I could.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I love sheet masks too! I will try the Skinfood Yuja Water Whitening Ampoule Sheet Mask since I want to get that nice, radiant skin! Thank you for your honest reviews.


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