A while ago I posted about The Face Shop X Disney – when the collection first came out, in fact. TFS released a huge amount of Disney products, and many more since I first wrote about them. Every time I think the collection is complete, they release another part of it for me to drool over. You guys clearly feel the same way, as TFS X Disney has been my most popular post to date. My first review was mainly first impressions, but now I’ve had time to try out some of the products and have acquired a fair few more – so another post is in order.

The full collection now includes hand creams, hand wash, eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow pens, eyeshadow palettes, an eyeshadow and lip palette, BB/CC/sun cushions, cushion puffs, watery lip tint, lipstick, tinted lip balm, nail stickers (which are very hard to come by and I only found them once), nail polishes, and sheet masks.

Today I’m going to be looking at:

Mike Long Stay CC Cushion

Mike Eyeshadow Palette

Mickey Eyeshadow Pencil

TFS X Disney Sheet Masks

I had looked at the two Mike products before, but just as swatches. Now I’ve used them for a while and feel qualified to say how well they work, and what effects they give.

Mike CC Cushion

I’m a huge sucker when it comes to cushion cases. I had to restrain myself when TFS first released the Disney ones, as I didn’t actually need one at all, and I was using a really good one – so why change? However, TFS had a sale at the end of last month, and I managed to pick up a Mike cushion, which was the one that appealed most, for 14,000 won. Full price is 20,000 won, which it is now back to on the website and in stores.

When I swatched the cushions, this was the one that also stood out to me as being the best quality – so it was lucky really that this was the design I wanted. The Mike cushion is a long-lasting CC one, coming in two colours: 21 and 23. It does not come with a refill which is why I wasn’t too interested to begin with – 20,000 won for just one cushion, and a gimmick one at that, isn’t the cheapest on the market. TFS are relatively mid-range and while I haven’t found many of their skincare products work for me, their make-up has been first rate.

Let’s look at the three Ps: packaging, product performance, and price (OK, that’s four, but maths was never my strong point).


Packaging: Basically why everyone is going to buy this product. You get one cushion when you purchase, and TFS refills fit these cushions. The cushion is light and made of plastic, with a simple but cute design of Mike. You also get one cushion puff which has Disney designs specific to the cushion on it. The cushion puff itself is pretty good and doesn’t hold in too much product when applying.

Product performance: Below is a picture that indicates what the three cushions are supposed to do. The Mike cushion is a long-lasting one which provides pore cover and controls shine, so it should be good for oilier skin types. I got it simply because I like my cushion to last a long time and hate topping up throughout the day. I also prefer a more matte coverage, and am not one for the shiny face look so popular here in Korea.

Image result for the face shop x disney cushion refills

The swatch on my hand lasted ages, so I was intrigued by the cushion and how long it would last on my face. The colour is great for my skin and application is easy – like I said, the puff doesn’t hold in the product and it applies very nice and even. This is why I love cushions…no smeary and blocked up application. So, coverage-wise: it lasts really well, just like it says! It is one of the best cheaper-end products I’ve owned. It lasts me all my work day and only wears off a little. If I were doing more exciting things other than walking round a classroom, I think it would wear off a little more quickly – and in heat I haven’t been able to test it. I bought it after the humidity waved goodbye over here. It’s a nice cushion for those who don’t want to spend too much and get decent, all-over coverage. It gives your skin a nice, smooth look.

L-R: No coverage, half face, and full coverage.

Price: As mentioned, full price for this is 20,000 won ($17.90/€16/£13.70). That’s standard for TFS but it doesn’t come with a refill – something which is important to me when considering cushion case value. There are many others on the market of similar quality which offer free refills. So while it isn’t too expensive, bear in mind you’re only purchasing one cushion. It’s still affordable and for how it performs, the price is good.

Mickey Eyeshadow Crayon

The eyeshadow crayon is an invention I absolutely ADORE. It makes applying eyeshadow so simple and there are so many good products out there. If you’re looking to enhance your eye game, look no further. You can choose from plain colours, or sparkly, or even sticks made for eyes and cheeks/contouring. These multi/eye sticks are the future! I picked up a sparkly white colour, to use both on the eyelid and underneath the eyes as highlight.


Packaging: Mickey ears! So cute! The Mickey ears really make this range special and while it’s so simple, it’s a really sweet design that just looks so appealing and fun. Other than the ears, it’s a simple sleek black pencil design – no funky writing or anything, which is nice. It’s minimal but still manages to be a pretty piece of packaging.

Product performance: The eyeshadow pen goes on nice and smooth, which is why these are such a joy to use. You can apply highlight or colour in seconds, so if you’re in a rush it’s great to simply line the top of your eye and be good to go! I wear winged eyeliner daily, so I actually colour more of my eyelid, but that’s my personal preference. It’s so easy to do compared to faffing around with brushes. I also line underneath my eye as a highlighter – whites and pinks under the eye are very popular right now in Korea. This doesn’t last quite so long but I’ve yet to find an eyeshadow that lasts a fair while under the eye. The good thing about this stick is I can just whip it out and line under the eye quickly, as opposed to carrying eyeshadow round with a brush. On the eyelid it lasts longer, but still not as quite as long as regular shadow. I’d use it more as a highlighter and something to add that little bit extra on a night-time look. In the day it can be simply swept across the eye to put a little more oopmh into a natural look.

Price: 6,000 won ($5.35/€4.80/£4.10). This product is a good price for what it offers – it lasts a fair while and it’s a no-fuss, no-frills eyeshadow. Perfect, inexpensive addition to your make-up bag for when you can’t really be bothered applying a lot of make-up, or enhancing your normal look.

Mike Eyeshadow Palette

Now I swatched this one in a previous blog post but I’ve now been using it for a while. My first impressions were that the shadows were well-pigmented and lasted a long time. I’m happy to say that I was right and they really do last ages. I’m not going to do a long post for the palette, but rather post a picture of one of the daily looks I’ve been doing with it – using the light browns and pinks, you can create a really nice day-to-day look which is bang on trend in Korea. The oranges and pinks are everywhere and lots of eyeshadow crayons/palettes are sold with browns, pinks and oranges to blend and make a beautiful eyeshadow look.


There are only a couple of shadows in there (the sparkly gold and pink) which don’t stay quite so well or show up much. If you use them for layering or to add a bit of shine, they’re okay – but as a stand alone colour they don’t do a lot. You have to really go for it with the layering and I don’t think anyone wants to do that on a daily basis.

The eyeshadow lasts for the entire day, and the colour is really bright/pigmented. It’s easy to blend and the colours work so well together. Again, I bought this product more cheaply but it retails at 18,000 won (€14.40/$16.10/£12.30). For a palette that is really pretty looking and has such great staying power, it’s well worth it.

Using the pinks and light browns, I usually make this look and it suits as everyday wear.

Below I’ve also included a complete ‘look’ with the Disney products I bought, just so you can see a little bit of how they all perform together. I used the CC cushion, Mickey eyeshadow pencil, Mickey eyeliner, mascara, and watery tint. I dabbed a tiny bit on my lips in the centre and rubbed it together a bit to make the colour stronger in the centre but not the edges. This is how a lot of girls wear their lip tint here. You look slightly like you’ve been eating cherries – that’s what you’re going for.

L-R: Extra products, without lip tint, and finally with.

Disney Sheet Masks

Last but not least, we have the sheet masks – only just released (I first saw them in stores on Wednesday)! They’re not in every store either – I was lucky enough to be in Myeongdong just after they were released, so I could get a few to test. They sell sheet masks mainly in big packs there but if you ask for singles, they sometimes can, or will direct you to another of their branches where masks are sold individually. These come in Mickey, Mike, and Pooh as well, but are all moisturising masks. They all contain a different special ingredient:

Pooh – Honey

Mike – Hyaluronic acid

Mickey – Hydrolized collagen


So, as you can see, all of these are moisturisers in some way. The masks don’t vary at all really in their ingredients except for the ones mentioned above. Below is an ingredient list, and please correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe these masks contain no alcohol, so in theory those who react to alcohol or who have problems with masks that contain it should be okay with these.

Packaging: Relatively simple – a mask pack in a brown, thick packet with a picture of the Disney character on the front. Nothing special and the design isn’t fantastic but it fits in well with the rest of their range.

The first one I tried was Pooh. I haven’t tried the others yet so my review will only be for the honey moisturising mask.

Product performance: The sheet mask is a beautifully soft transparent one, which is really soft and you can certainly feel it’s of better quality. It has a lot of essence in, and I squeezed out quite a lot at the end too, then daubed the rest of the packet on my neck and arms. The fit is great and it sticks very closely to your face. The smell is really nice, but it isn’t of honey. I don’t really know what it is really, it just smells sweet and fragrant, but not overpowering. After removing the mask I had really soft, supple skin. It was beautiful and bouncy the next morning, but…

This is a huge but. Important enough for its own paragraph. This is not a character mask! I was wildly disappointed when I ripped open the packet and found I couldn’t resemble my favourite bear for an hour or so. Seeing as TFS has several character masks from its Kakao Friends range, I feel that they missed a trick here. It almost feels like they wanted to make a bit more money off the Disney theme and just designed a simple mask to sell, as neither the mask itself nor the packaging is extra special, but people will buy it. Which leads me to price.

Price: At 3,000 won ($2.68/€2.40/£2.05) it’s not the cheapest of masks on the market, but TFS generally sell masks at about this if it’s not in a pack of ten or on offer. The mask certainly does perform well, but I have better masks in my collection that perform even better at a third of the price. You can buy packs of ten at 30,000 won, so literally 10 x the original price…but I wouldn’t say it’s worth it. Unless they put offers on the masks or put prices down on big packs of them, I wouldn’t repurchase. Mainly because I’m upset I can’t look like a Disney character.

Have you tried any of these products? What did you think of them? I’m impressed with the quality of most of them, considering it’s a collaboration range. I’d say it was the best quality out there at the moment and feels less gimmicky than others. What’s your favourite collaboration?

Check out my other Disney collab post here, for reviews on the eyeliner and mascara in more depth!

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