Yvesom Lemon Cucumber Carbonated Water Serum

When Korean brand Yvesom contacted me recently asking if I would like to try one of their products, at my choosing, I jumped at the chance. Being able to choose is fantastic for me and for readers, as it means I can choose something relating to my skin concerns and select a product I’m really interested in. However, all opinions stated here in this review are my own, and I will be giving my honest, unbiased experience.

I had seen Yvesom a few times on Instagram, and in some reviews online, particularly from Korean bloggers or bloggers based in Korea. They claim to use natural ingredients, and judging from the serum they sent me, their ingredients lists are minimal. Their website is mainly in Korean, but I found a list of all the ingredients they use in their products on there, in Korean, but with pictures, so you can see the variety of the natural extracts that they use. They also avoid ingredients such as mineral oil (potentially bad: no real nutrition, may contain toxins, a by-product of petroleum production), and benzyl alcohol (potentially bad: it can occur as a natural substance, but companies usually use a synthetic mix containing benzyl chloride, a potential irritant, particularly for sensitive skin).


I chose to review the Lemon Carbonated Water Serum, as it really appealed to me as a product – the ingredients list is heavenly for my skin type (dry, prone to redness, looking to minimise appearance of pores). Here it is in all its glory:


Ingredients that drew me in:

Carbonated Water: This ingredient works for pore control and is said to minimise the appearance of pores. How? You can’t actually reduce the size of your pores, but de-gunking them makes them appear smaller. Carbonated water cleans pores by penetrating them and pulling out all the dirt, keeping water in the pores instead of all the nasty stuff you don’t want. Cleansing with carbonated water has actually been a thing for a while, and was the trendy thing to do a few years back. Naturally it made sense to use it as an ingredient in skincare after this.

Lemon Extract: Lemon works as a skin brightener, as the citric acid in it can lighten freckles and dark spots. It is also rich in nutrients such as Vitamin B & C, B helping to boost hydration (my redness has significantly improved since I got more moisture into my skin), and C again helping to brighten/lighten darker areas of skin.

Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract: Otherwise known as green tea extract, this ingredient is high in antioxidants and really works to calm and reduce redness in the skin. It’s gentle and kind, and is a favourite of those who have irritated skin. I use green tea masks when my skin is having a really bad day and is feeling flushed.

Here’s a picture from Yvesom detailing what certain ingredients in the serum do:


On to how the product looks/feels:

I really like the design of the packaging. It’s shiny so is a little difficult to photograph, but the gold looks sleek and pretty, and it’s small so easy to take around with you (I took mine on holiday with me and didn’t need to decant, which I loved). It’s minimal, as is the box it comes in. I like this style of packaging so it has been a nice addition to my skincare cabinet.

It comes in a pump bottle. One pump is probably enough to apply to the whole face if you’re more sparing, but I am serum/essence crazy and tend to slather it on. I usually go for two pumps as I try to contain myself somewhat. The serum is very thin, just like water thickened up slightly. It runs slowly if you tilt your hand, so it’s a fast absorber. My skin sucks it all in quickly, and it’s nice and refreshing, especially in the morning. I don’t detect any scent at all, for those who don’t like strongly scented products. I don’t mind too much, but non-scented products tend to be less harsh on the skin.

Below are some pictures showing you what the texture/feel is, although I know it’s hard to tell from pictures.


I used this product while I was on holiday in a humid climate, and I noticed how refreshing it was for my skin. My skin often felt sticky in the morning, so after cleansing and first serum, I used this – and it felt like just using a nice splash of water on my face. I put it in the fridge in one of the places I was staying, which made for a really nice wake-up!

The hydration is good. Sometimes I get dry flakes around my eyebrows, and I notice that I rarely get those while using this product. Now I’m back in Korea, I’ve noticed them once, but I put that down to the quick change in climate and my skin being dried out very quickly in the space of a day or so. It’s got much better in the last week, and I’m still using this serum. I also noticed that my skin was bright and glowy. I had some wonderful skin days while I was on holiday, which was a complete contrast to the last time I was in a humid climate – I put it down to the routine I was using, which included, of course, this serum. It’s so lightweight but it hydrates very well, making it ideal for hot climates. I was overall pleased with the effects and noticed nothing adverse.


The full price for this product is 49000 KRW, but it’s currently on their website for 32000 KRW ($27/€26/£22 approx.). It’s also on eBay for about $39. This means it’s not especially cheap at full price, but at reduced price I find it to be fair for the effects. The only problem for me was that I sailed through it – it’s just 30ml – but I think that’s due to the fact that I used two pumps at a time, as I said! I’ve had mine for almost a month now, and I think I have a week and a half or so left in it. So you could easily stretch it to two months.

If you’re not averse to spending a little extra for having all natural ingredients and for avoiding irritants found in a lot of cheap products, I’d say this would be a good product to try. For those who are in humid/hot climates it’s great for hydration without being greasy or cloying. I also think it’s a good product to travel with, due to the small size of the tube. No need for decants!

I don’t have anything really bad to say about this product. I may even purchase it in time for summer, as I think I need something a little heavier in the Korean cold winter, but I would love to have this on hand (in my fridge) for the hot, humid and awful summer I will yet again experience this year, undoubtedly. That’s where it truly shines.

Thank you, Yvesom, for the chance to try this product out. It’s been a pleasure. You can check out their other products at www.yvesom.com

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