MaxiMask Revitalizing Eye Masks

I’m a true convert when it comes to hydrogel eye patches. The first box I purchased, I just didn’t get it. I used them sparingly, and as it’s rare for eye products to do anything immediately, my impatient self got annoyed with the lack of results, and I forgot about them for a while.

Then, I started waking up with puffier and puffier eyes. Early to bed, early to rise is not a motto of mine – only the latter part rings true. I’m lucky that I don’t have dark circles, but that’s only a matter of time, I am sure. One solution I found for this was regular hydrogel patches, mixed in with more luxurious eye masks from time to time. So I’m always on the lookout for new hydrogels, forever a staple in my skincare wardrobe.

MaxiMask Revitalizing Eye Masks fall somewhere between the two things I described above – hydrogel masks, and fancier treatments. At €19 a packet, you’re not going to buy them to use daily, but they can be used on occasion when your under eye area really needs that extra boost.

MaxiMask is part of the same company as MaxiLash, who make eyelash and brow treatments to stimulate growth. They started out in Hungary with the eyelash growth serum, and since then have grown rather themselves, now branching out into premium eye masks – the product that interests me most, at least.

So, let’s look at them, shall we?


Aqua, propylene glycol, CI 77480 (gold), hyaluronic acid, plant collagen , glycerin, oat peptide, retinal palmitate (vitamin A), potassium sorbate, grape seed oil, seaweed polysaccharides, plum extract

For hydrogel masks, this is one of the shortest ingredient lists I’ve seen, I have to say. I’m always sceptical of gold because to be honest I don’t know if I believe all that they claim surrounding the ingredient. I’ve used several products containing gold and while it makes things look luxurious in colour, that’s about as far as it goes for me. The fun factor is definitely there when it comes to gold, that’s to be said – but I am not sure that the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant claims are backed. I don’t, however, mind if products contain it, as long as they are not insanely priced just because they contain gold.

These masks, however, have some very nice ingredients that I would rather focus on, namely hyaluronic acid, oat peptide, and seaweed polysaccharides.

From what I understand, polysaccharides are carbohydrate molecules that are bound together – you may have heard of cellulose, thanks to bio-cellulose masks. Cellulose has humectant properties, meaning it can increase levels of moisture in the skin. Polysaccharides, quite often cellulose, are used in many skincare products, from creams, to lotions, to masks.

Peptides are a safe bet in anti-ageing products, thanks to the proteins that they form – peptides come in many different guises, in this case oat, but they are frequently used in anti-ageing products, as peptides help to make the skin elastic, bouncy, and rejuvenated. Oat peptides, according to a study on oat-based complexes, also have water binding capacity – keeping water in the skin, much like hyaluronic acid helps to do. HA helps to retain moisture in the skin, and is an ingredient I’m particularly fond of, as I find it helps to keep my skin supple and prevents it from drying out so quickly.


MaxiMask Eye Masks

The masks come in a little box, which contains 5 sets of the eye masks. Each set is wrapped individually, in a plastic/foil style packet. You tear it open to get to the masks. They sit in little wells, which have some liquid swimming around in them.

The individual packets make the experience feel a little more swanky than the box alone does – it’s a simple box with gold lettering on the front. As they’re individually packaged, and the eye masks are gold in colour, they feel more like a special treatment than just a regular hydrogel mask.


MaxiMask Revitalising Masks


€19 for 5 sets, so €3.80 each. I’ve paid that before for treatment masks. I’m not willing to pay that for something I’d use every day, but for a treatment I think it’s average. They also have free worldwide shipping, so you don’t have to consider that when ordering. Shipping often puts me off ordering products (in EU shops I’ve sometimes put 3 masks in my cart and been quoted €10 for shipping, then hot-footed it out of there). The shop is EU-based, so for customers in Europe, you know that no customs charges definitely helps.


The masks claim to ‘hydrate, revitalise and eliminate fine lines and puffiness around the eye.’ I don’t have any fine lines to speak of yet so I cannot really judge them on that, it has to be said.

These masks are much thicker than regular hydrogels that I’m used to, so I found that they slipped around a little more than some of the thin sets I’ve used. This might not be a problem for some, as I know people often relax with these on. I like to get things done while I wear any type of mask, so I need them to stay in place. They slip too much for me to wear in the mornings while I get ready, and I’m not getting up half an hour earlier to put them on as I feel that would defeat the point. So I use these while relaxing in front of the TV, and they stay in place that way.

MaxiMask Revitalising Eye Masks
You can see how thick they are from this picture

The thickness means that they don’t dry out easily, and you’re supposed to wear them for about 30 minutes. This was easily done – they were still wet when I pulled them off after this time had passed. I don’t find them to have any scent, which is good as my under eye area seems to prefer non-scented products.

After peeling off, my under eye area feels soothed, cool, and I notice my morning puffiness is gone. I find the best time to do hydrogels is in the morning if you have time. They have an immediate effect and they definitely aid in making me look less tired. I think the freshness is what strikes me most about these masks – they moisturise my under eye area really well, making it feel revitalised.

Final thoughts

I’ve used these a few times now (only two left), and have bought myself a pack for when they run out. The first pack were sent to me for review. I enjoyed them a lot and while I can’t spend €19 on the regular, for a pick-me-up eye treatment, I find they work well enough to justify about €4 on a mask. I enjoy that shipping is free, and it’s pretty fast for me too as I’m in the EU. All in all, a nice set of masks, that does what it states, and I’m happy with how it performs.

6 thoughts on “MaxiMask Revitalizing Eye Masks

  1. I love eye hydrogels, but I don’t use them often enough to get the tub-o-60 that only stays fresh for a month or something. I need individually-wrapped ones. So far, my favorites are the 100% Pure eye patches, but they’re like $7 each or something. I might have to see if these would be a suitable replacement…


    1. These ones are decent IMO…as you can see! I think that for every once in a while, they’re good, and you do feel the difference. I like the fact they’re individually wrapped, and they look nice too. Just have to make sure you’re not doing anything while you wear them!

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  2. In my opinion the Maximask eye masks are great. I’m also using their eyelash serum during several months. I would say that I didn’t see a great difference the first two-three months more than my lashes were looking healthier than before. After about four months I could def see a difference. Regarding the eye patches, I only use them about once a week or when I feel that my eyes look tired. I love your post, it was great as I have the same opinion as you… I wouldn’t be cleaning at the same time as I’m wearing the eye patches! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Great to know you also think they’re good masks! I was pretty impressed with them for the price, I think they’re worth it. I know you probably shouldn’t be cleaning and doing things but I just don’t sit still! Especially in the morning, I find I always have something to do…but if I wear these, it’ll force me to take a moment. I was quite interested in their lash serum, although my lashes are something I don’t pay much attention to – I never wear mascara or anything. I was more intrigued about whatever it works or not!


  3. I’ve never seen this product before but the ingredients look quite impressive. The price is too high in my opinion – I prefer to get a good eye cream in this price but it’s not bad to get them from time to time and use them if something’s wrong or if you’ve got a big day 🙂


    1. There’s no way you could justify these every day or even on a frequent basis! I like them as little treats and yes, for a big day or a pick-me-up, they’re definitely a good choice. I’m also quite impressed by the minimal ingredients list, which I haven’t seen with hydrogel eye patches before…


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