3RIFIC Skincare Premium Face Oil

Since getting into skincare, I’ve hunted high and low for a facial oil that suits my skin. I’ve tried numerous – but with no success, and usually adverse reactions.

My skin is not too keen on oils, and has difficulty absorbing them, often clogging my pores and causing pretty bad spots. I’m normally not too acne-prone, but with oils I tend to get those ‘size of Jupiter volcanic eruption waiting to happen’ spots. We’ve all been there. Naturally, you can see why I would start to give up on oils. In fact, if I had a skincare routine that worked for me, why would I even consider oils? Oh, honey. Don’t you know I can’t POSSIBLY miss out on such a big part of the skincare game?

The benefits of oils, if you can handle them, are really something to pine for. Oils help to keep moisture in the skin, which for those, like me, who are interested in skincare with an anti-ageing focus, is key. Many oils are rich in components such as anti-oxidants, which are well-recognised to be one of skin’s best friends in fighting the signs of ageing. As much as I don’t really mind getting old, I want to keep my skin looking healthy as long as possible – and a decent facial oil can really help give that youthful glow.

When I accept products to test, I always have my interests in mind (of course). I’ve turned down offers for facial oil in the past, mostly because I was worried about them not working out for me and it just being a waste of time for everyone involved. But here, you can see I’m writing a post about facial oil. What convinced me to accept?

3RIFIC Skincare

I have a love story with Japanese products. Despite the fact my gateway to Asian beauty was Korean products (like most, but kind of hard not to get into it when you live there), I’ve always found that the products which my skin have worked best with have been either Japanese or Taiwanese.

3RIFIC are a company based in Singapore but their products are made in Japan, with ingredients selected from a range of plant extracts and essential oils sourced in both Japan and in the Mediterranean. They do not test on animals.

Their products claim to be suitable for every skin type, even those with sensitive skin, acne, hyper-pigmentation, and those with rosacea.

Coming into the review, it’s important to note that I do not have any of those issues. My skin is sensitive to oils but this is a relatively common problem as oils can easily break people out, and it’s important to find the one which is right for you. My skin is normal leaning dry, especially in colder weather. I also have issues with redness but not rosacea, simply patches I would rather didn’t exist. So why am I interested in this facial oil? Mostly because of its anti-ageing focus.

Taken from the 3RIFIC skincare site


This 30ml bottle contains no less than 12 different oils, with different properties which help the skin in different ways. Let’s look at them in ingredient list order:

Sunflower oil can help to improve skin texture.

Jojoba oil provides a high level of moisturisation, and helps the skin to heal more quickly, which means it could help with acne scarring or discolouration.

Grape seed oil has a high concentration of vitamin E and omega 6, which help to promote regeneration in skin.

Argan oil is a rich oil but it is usually absorbed easily in the skin. It is used frequently in skin and hair care, because it helps to deeply nourish, and in the case of skin restore youthful elasticity.

Baobab oil contains omega 3, 6, and 9 (I really feel like saying damn she fine after that, sorry), and these can also help to improve elasticity, which your skin loses over time.

Evening primrose oil can help to calm skin and reduce redness.

Squalane is a relatively celebrated oil, which while naturally found in animals such as sharks, is also natural in plants too. In 3RIFIC’s case, it’s the latter, and it can actually help regulate excess oil production. It’s also used in a lot of ‘anti-pollution’ skincare as it can help to protect skin against free radicals which occur naturally and cause skin damage, but which occur more frequently in polluted areas.

Sweet almond oil can help to clear pores and detoxify the skin.

Rice bran oil moisturises the skin and helps it to stay supple and soft.

Olive oil prevents skin damage and helps to improve texture by making the skin smoother.

Avocado oil contains an abundance of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins A, D and E. Avocado oil can also help to soften skin.

Soybean oil can introduce elasticity and firmness to the skin.

These oils create a combination of providing deep moisture, preventing from free radicals (important in anti-ageing products) and pollution damage, improving skin texture and elasticity, and healing the skin after damage occurs.

Texture & scent

I’m actually not a huge fan of the texture of oils, as I really don’t like that greasy feeling they sometimes leave behind on my hands. I always have to wash my hands afterwards – while I can cope with it on my face I’m very particular about how my hands feel. Luckily this oil is very light, and while it does leave behind a slightly greasy feeling on my hands, this isn’t replicated on my face. I have to leave it for a little bit, and give it time to absorb, but products do not pill on top of it which often happens to me when I use richer, thicker oils. It’s quite impressive how quickly it sinks into my skin for me, considering I have issues with oil properly absorbing.

One of the things I do have to note about this product is the smell. It’s rather strong in my opinion – not in an artificial way, rather the opposite. The smell is a quite yeasty smell, and I find it potent, so it took some getting used to. It’s not entirely unpleasant, just something which I would bear in mind. I would rather a yeasty natural smell than a highly perfumed product, I suppose.

Packaging and price

The oil comes in a 30ml bottle and costs $93 SGD (Singaporean dollars), which is roughly $72, so it is comparative to other Premium facial oils found on the market (think Biossance, Drunk Elephant). At the time of writing, there is a $20 SGD off purchase offer, and usually they offer free shipping to a number of select countries, so you do not have to factor in shipping price.

The bottle comes with a little dropper, which looks elegant as the button for it fits with the design and barely looks as if it’s there. It’s easy to dispense but I don’t feel the dropper picks up a huge amount of product, although in some ways this is a blessing as it means I am less likely to overdo it and dispense too much. You only need a little drop to feel the benefit.


For someone who has never got on with facial oils, this product was a big deal for me. It’s the first I’ve ever used which was not difficult for my skin to absorb, and even better, which didn’t make volcanoes erupt on my face. I started out patch testing it, slightly worried about the results, then built up to adding it into my full routine without a hitch involved. When I had used it for a week or so with no problems, I could have jumped for joy.

Not only does my skin have no problems with the product, but it also gives it a lovely healthy appearance, and helps out any dry patches I experience, which during this change in weather here are becoming more frequent. I notice my skin feels smooth and supple, and overall I enjoy the effect that it gives. I’ve recently started mixing it in with an emulsion or cream, and skipping other routine steps, particularly when lazy or er, drunk and unable to perform a full routine. This lasts my skin through until the morning, and through the day allows my skin to retain a decent amount of moisture, so my makeup does not clog or rub off.

I’m truly happy that I tried another facial oil, and perhaps my eternal-seeming quest is at an end. The amount of money I’ve thrown away over this – I may just have to convert to 3RIFIC and never try another oil again (although you know with skincare magpies, that’s a really hard statement to stick to!).

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