My name is Emily, and I hail from the UK, but haven’t lived there for quite a while now.

I moved to South Korea in early 2016, after wanting a break from teaching English in Spain. I decided to come for a year and absolutely fell in love with the skincare scene there. I was already one of Sephora’s biggest customers, and heavily into beautycare, so it naturally followed that I would buy into the scene in one of the biggest beauty conscious nations on earth.

South Korea was a wonderful place to live. I got to experience collabs and new products first hand, but more than anything, I got to eat the marvellous food and see the beautiful sights around me. I took up beauty blogging while there, started to get serious with my Instagram, and really focused on learning more to take all my skincare knowledge back with me to Spain.

I hope that you have found the information that you were looking for on this blog. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me here or through email at nourishtheskinblog@gmail.com

Thanks for reading!

I am also on Reddit at r/asianbeauty if you spot me over there!