Tony Moly X Pokemon 2016

I've held off doing this post for too long. I've been waiting for the full collection to be released, to be honest - but that is taking a really long time and I know these products are starting to be sold online so some reviews would probably be of use to those in limbo over … Continue reading Tony Moly X Pokemon 2016



A while ago I posted about The Face Shop X Disney - when the collection first came out, in fact. TFS released a huge amount of Disney products, and many more since I first wrote about them. Every time I think the collection is complete, they release another part of it for me to drool … Continue reading MOAR DISNEY X THE FACE SHOP – Give Me It All!

A’PIEU X RILAKKUMA: Second Release

On Monday here in Korea, A'PIEU rolled out their second release of the Rilakkuma collection in shops all across the country. I zoned in on it likes bees to a honey pot - if you thought the last release was cute, you're definitely going to be a fan of this one. In total, five new … Continue reading A’PIEU X RILAKKUMA: Second Release

The Face Shop Disney Collection

Korea is at it again. Making irresistibly cute make-up products that I can't seem to stop myself from buying. It feels like a new range is released every other week, and I'm pretty sure I've got enough cushion cases as it is, but one more can't hurt, right? This time, it was The Face Shop's … Continue reading The Face Shop Disney Collection

A’PIEU Rilakkuma Range – Going Overboard with Cute

I simply can't handle living in Korea any more when it comes to adorable make-up and skincare ranges. First I had Line Friends and Kakao friends to choose from, Doraemon and Shin Chan products, and not long ago, Holika Holika released their Gudetama range. Being one of my favourite characters, it was hard to resist … Continue reading A’PIEU Rilakkuma Range – Going Overboard with Cute

Gudetama BB Face 2 Change Cushion

Hooray! It's my birthday today. So, as a birthday treat, I decided to crack open my Gudetama BB Cushion I bought a few weeks ago. I'd been saving it for this and wanted to start my day in a special way. So this is both for me, and you guys! Cushions are all the rage … Continue reading Gudetama BB Face 2 Change Cushion