My Top 5 – Road Shop Sheetmasks

Sheetmasking is actually something that I had to really force myself to get into. In the evenings I find time steals itself away from me, and finding 30 minutes plus to sheetmask essentially means I'll be getting less sleep time, so that's a little offputting. I can't sheetmask in the mornings as I have way … Continue reading My Top 5 – Road Shop Sheetmasks


Battle of the Waterproof Eyeliners

I never leave the house without eyeliner on. It's got to a point where I feel totally lost, and in fact, don't feel like myself at all, without eyeliner on. You might think that's a bit sad, but I really enjoy wearing make-up, and I'm just used to those eyes that I see staring back … Continue reading Battle of the Waterproof Eyeliners