Kingirls Macaron and Unitouch Mask Bonanza

When an endless stream of new masks seems to be coming out left, right, and centre, you have to really make sure you stand out in the sheet mask world. Amazing ingredient formulas, beautiful packaging, and obviously a dash of good marketing, and you hopefully have got yourself a success on your hands. That's what … Continue reading Kingirls Macaron and Unitouch Mask Bonanza


My Top 5 – Road Shop Sheetmasks

Sheetmasking is actually something that I had to really force myself to get into. In the evenings I find time steals itself away from me, and finding 30 minutes plus to sheetmask essentially means I'll be getting less sleep time, so that's a little offputting. I can't sheetmask in the mornings as I have way … Continue reading My Top 5 – Road Shop Sheetmasks

Dr. Jart+ V7 Toning Mask

My relationship with sheet masks is somewhat love/hate. I really feel like I'm pampering skin when I have them on, and I enjoy taking the time in my day to just relax in front of the computer or have a read while my face soaks up the concentrated goodness of the mask. However, you can't … Continue reading Dr. Jart+ V7 Toning Mask

Innisfree Skin Clinic Collagen Mask

Without having ever used a product with the word 'collagen' slapped all over it, most people nowadays have a picture in their mind when the word is mentioned. Everybody knows of it, but not everybody knows exactly what it is, or what it does (or even is supposed to do) in skincare products. Ask someone … Continue reading Innisfree Skin Clinic Collagen Mask

Gudetama Madness!

Korea truly is the land of the cute - I mean, yes, Japan is also the holder of such a title, but Korea is mad for anything that just makes you go 'awwww', or in my case, squeal with delight. There are times when it gets too much (I'm looking at you, matching couple outfits), … Continue reading Gudetama Madness!