MaxiMask Revitalizing Eye Masks

I'm a true convert when it comes to hydrogel eye patches. The first box I purchased, I just didn't get it. I used them sparingly, and as it's rare for eye products to do anything immediately, my impatient self got annoyed with the lack of results, and I forgot about them for a while. Then, … Continue reading MaxiMask Revitalizing Eye Masks


Huxley Grab Water: more than a ridiculous-sounding name?

A brave new world of skincare exploded onto the internet sometime last year. Huxley, Korean cult favourite, is seemingly now everywhere when it comes to the K-beauty world. It's popping up in shop after shop, these days. New brands spring up all the time though. New brands invade our screens for a while, then disappear, … Continue reading Huxley Grab Water: more than a ridiculous-sounding name?

Unboxing Althea – a Kbeauty shopping experience

Now that I live in Spain again, I search endlessly on the internet for shopping services and online stores that will somewhat fulfil the beauty 24/7 hole that Korea left in my heart. And my wallet. In some ways it's probably good that I'm back, because when you have an Olive Young on every corner, … Continue reading Unboxing Althea – a Kbeauty shopping experience

Koelf Ruby Bulgarian Rose Hydrogel Eye Patches

I am no stranger to the world of hydrogel eye patches. They were a skincare product that took me a while to come round to - I didn't really see much point in them. I used them a couple of times a week, and didn't see any difference in my tired, puffy eyes. However, since … Continue reading Koelf Ruby Bulgarian Rose Hydrogel Eye Patches

Piolang 24K Gold Wrapping Mask

I don't particularly believe that gold does anything for the skin, despite it appearing as an ingredient in a fair few masks right now on the market...but I do believe in skincare fun, and I really liked the idea of resembling King Midas during a masking experience. A face full of gold? Yes please. I … Continue reading Piolang 24K Gold Wrapping Mask

Kingirls Macaron and Unitouch Mask Bonanza

When an endless stream of new masks seems to be coming out left, right, and centre, you have to really make sure you stand out in the sheet mask world. Amazing ingredient formulas, beautiful packaging, and obviously a dash of good marketing, and you hopefully have got yourself a success on your hands. That's what … Continue reading Kingirls Macaron and Unitouch Mask Bonanza

Swanicoco Revol Ampoule Whitening

Swanicoco is a Korean company that may seem to have exploded onto screens recently, but in fact has been steadily growing in Korea since their creation in 2005, where they put themselves onto the market selling a range of natural herb soaps. Keeping in the same vein of natural cosmetics, they have expanded their range … Continue reading Swanicoco Revol Ampoule Whitening