The Yeon Lotus Flower Charcoal Transform Cleanser

Before my trip to Seoul, where I spent what felt like half my monthly income on various skincare products, I'd never heard of The Yeon. I hadn't seen them in any online shops, or any of the stores down south in Busan. Founded in 2012 in Seoul, the company uses natural ingredients, and in their … Continue reading The Yeon Lotus Flower Charcoal Transform Cleanser


Gudetama Madness!

Korea truly is the land of the cute - I mean, yes, Japan is also the holder of such a title, but Korea is mad for anything that just makes you go 'awwww', or in my case, squeal with delight. There are times when it gets too much (I'm looking at you, matching couple outfits), … Continue reading Gudetama Madness!

Review: Holika Holika Black Snail Repair Cream

Shopping with no budget can be dangerous. It means I buy all sorts of things I'm not sure I need. One perfect example of this was my purchase in Holika Holika one month ago - I'd been interested in getting myself a snail cream and was supposed to simply browse. Mizon and Benton snail products … Continue reading Review: Holika Holika Black Snail Repair Cream

The Inspiration: Myeongdong, South Korea

I'm a girl who loves her make-up. Always have been. Just like clothes, it can reflect you as a person and the mood you are in. I have always enjoyed my little morning ritual. Before moving to South Korea, I usually cleansed, moisturised, and er, that was about it. I'd heard of K-beauty and Asian … Continue reading The Inspiration: Myeongdong, South Korea