A’PIEU X RILAKKUMA: Second Release

On Monday here in Korea, A'PIEU rolled out their second release of the Rilakkuma collection in shops all across the country. I zoned in on it likes bees to a honey pot - if you thought the last release was cute, you're definitely going to be a fan of this one. In total, five new … Continue reading A’PIEU X RILAKKUMA: Second Release

A’PIEU Rilakkuma Range – Going Overboard with Cute

I simply can't handle living in Korea any more when it comes to adorable make-up and skincare ranges. First I had Line Friends and Kakao friends to choose from, Doraemon and Shin Chan products, and not long ago, Holika Holika released their Gudetama range. Being one of my favourite characters, it was hard to resist … Continue reading A’PIEU Rilakkuma Range – Going Overboard with Cute